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How are you different from other agencies?

Newcore combine the bespoke or personalized feel of a boutique agency, with the capabilities & systems you'd associate with a larger firm.

Our consultants bring years of expertise in hiring across:

  1. Blockchain: DeFi, ZKP, Cryptography, Tokenization, Metaverse, Protocol Engineering, Legal/Compliance & more.

  2. AI: Generative AI, Deep Learning/Neural Networks, Machine Learning.

  3. IoT: Smart Tech, IIoT, Healthcare IoT, connected vehicles/transportation, wearable technologies

Do you place people in temporary jobs?

Whether you're looking for permanent, temporary, contact or consultant hires, Newcore are capable of taking on any challenge & providing advice on the suitability of each approach for your business.

What is your approach to diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process?

Our approach to diversity and inclusion in recruitment centers on actively sourcing diverse candidates, using unbiased screening processes, providing support to all applicants, and partnering with organizations to broaden our reach. We prioritize fair opportunities, offer guidance to clients on inclusive hiring, and continuously educate ourselves on best practices to ensure that diversity and inclusion remain integral to every aspect of our recruitment process.

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